The story of you

And so it begins….

They say diamonds are a girls best friend, and that may well be true, but the best investment you can make is the people around you… your time, energy, love and support. Thank you to those that have supported this concept of a luxury jewellery box. It's an honour that so many talented people have been a part of the journey to now. Trove has truly been a project filled with amazing people and friendship. Thank you.

Trove aimed to create a lacquer jewellery box that was as special as the pieces it held inside. The boxes had to function superbly, be impeccably detailed and finely crafted with just the right amount of luxury. Our lacquer boxes are all this and more. 

For centuries people have stored the personal and biographical in boxes much like those in the Trove lacquer collection. Our wish is that Trove luxury jewellery boxes are a place where people can celebrate their experiences and the values that have built their life and fill their heart. Each piece added to their lacquer box is about honouring that moment and time, and also about pulling him or her forward and inspiring the next chapter.

Jewellery can be highly sentimental. It can be romantic. It can tell a story. It can be frivolous and a fantastic form of self expression! Most of all jewellery should bring joy and happiness. Enjoy it. Wear it. Have fun with it.

Fill the boxes with your treasures and precious pieces ! 

Hannah xx

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