Every piece in the Trove collection is crafted 100% by hand by artisans and hand-finished with multiple layers of polishing and lacquer paint to achieve our smooth gloss finish. Lacquering is a time-honoured craft revered for its artistry. Each layer of lacquer must be set dry before applying the next, thus it can take up to 6 months to complete a perfect lacquer product.

As they are handcrafted each piece is unique and any inconsistency is considered part of the nature of this beautiful, handcrafted product.

Due to their handcrafted nature all Trove like a careful touch. Please handle with care and follow the below instructions

  • To clean, wipe the product with a dry, soft clot
  • Avoid harsh chemicals and detergents, especially highly acidic cleaning agents
  • Avoid sharp or hard objects coming into contact with the product to prevent surface scratching
  • Avoid rapid fluctuations in temperature and humidity and do not store in extreme heat 
  • Avoid placing lacquer on rough surfaces
  • Avoid slamming the lid and be gentle with the trays