STUDIO VISIT | Ruby Autore | Autore Moda

Today we are excited to be taking a dive into the world of South Sea Pearls with Ruby Autore, founder of Autore Moda. Autore Moda is a recently launched South Sea Pearl jewellery collection that makes modern pearl jewellery that is luxurious and accessible for a wider audience.

Ruby is based in Sydney and has spent the past eight years working her family business, Autore Pearls, a world leader in South Sea Pearl production. South Sea Pearls are the most prized cultured pearls in the world, so we were so excited to learn more about her range and the magical world of South Sea Pearls.


Learning the craft from your Dad brings so much meaning to your choice of career path. What was it that sealed the deal for you to pursue design and pearl farming?

Growing up as a child I would often go into work with my parents, and just loved looking at the thousands of pearls in all different shapes and sizes sprawled across the tables in the grading rooms. After I finished school I went up to the pearl farm with my dad and I fell in love with pearls all over again but in a very different way. Going up to the farm and understanding the time and care that goes into the process of growing a pearl was a really important moment for me. For the design process, I have always enjoyed sitting beside my mum Jane, and watch her sketch. She encouraged me to create my own range, and we worked closely during the design process of all the Autore Moda jewels.

Pearls are the gemstones of the ocean and finding them in the wild is rare. But what does it actually take to farm pearls and does it require a unique set of conditions?

Pearl farming is incredibly labour intensive as each oyster requires a lot of care in order for it to be able to survive and produce a good quality pearl. There are many different factors that can affect a pearls quality including weather conditions, regular cleaning, the skill of the pearl technician and of course the genetic make up of the shell. At the Autore farms we try to give each shell the best opportunity to create a beautiful pearl but ultimately it is up to nature.

What characteristics should readers keep an eye out for when scouting for the perfect pearl?

Pearls are a product of a living organism so every pearl is different, which is what makes it so beautiful. Pearls are graded on 5 Characteristics as per the Autore Five S’s (TM) Shine, Shape, Size, Suface, Shade. I believe that a pearls beauty is subjective so I would recommend anyone looking to buy a pearl, to choose something that they are drawn to. Personally, my favourites are lustrous keshi and drop shaped pearls.

Who and what inspires you during the design process for AutoreModa?

The inspiration behind Autore Moda is fun, sensual and accessible pearl jewellery! This collection is a curation of pieces of jewellery which I found were missing on the market, and what I personally would like to wear. Jane and I worked together through the whole design process sourcing inspiration from a lot of different elements. When it comes to the name of each piece, they have been named after special women in my life.

What is unique about Autore South Sea pearls?

South Sea pearls are the most coveted of all pearls due to their size, quality and prestige, and Autore’s south sea pearls are renowned for having some of the best lustre in the market.

What are the pieces that you always put on from Autore Moda Collection?

I have a few favourites, but my go to day to day pieces are the AM Bangle, The Madeleine Ring Set and the Rebekah Earrings. For a night out, I love the Holly or Jane Earrings.

As a second generation pearl farmer you must know the tricks of the trade. Are there any little pieces of wisdom you could reveal to jewellery lovers?

Pearl farming is a labour of love, taking 2 years to grow 1 pearl. It’s a beautiful moment when the harvest comes in from the farm and we get to finally see the pearls we have been waiting for. Perfection is subjective, and every pearl is different from the next, with each individual characteristic giving it its beauty.

What’s next for you and the team at AutoreModa?

Without giving too much away... ladies stay tuned for some cool new pieces for the men in your lives!

Lastly, finish this sentence, ‘diamonds are a girls best friend but pearls ...are a gift of nature’

Thank you Ruby and congratulations on your incredible collection!! 

Autore Moda