Our boxes are designed to meet most at home jewellery needs. Please consider the size of the box you will need. In our experience people almost always underestimate their jewellery collection. We usually advise people to size up.

To help you decide which box is most suitable, it is a good idea to lay out all of your pieces to see the size of your collection. You will quickly figure out which box is best for you.


Trunk is a large box best suited for average to large collections. It has presence and can allow you to add to your collection over time. If you have larger pieces in your collection, Trunk is the piece we advise.

Mini Trunk

Mini Trunk is more classically proportioned. It can still hold a lot and works well for those who have a smaller to average collection.

Sidekick and Short Sidekick

Sidekick and Short Sidekick are designed to hold your regular pieces. They can hold a lot in their single compartment! 

...Lastly, consider what you actually wear. A lot of people wear the same pieces most days and only switch it up for special events. If this is you, we recommend to get a box for your collection and a smaller box to look after your daily pieces. The ritual of looking after your core pieces each day can be very rewarding.