Jewellery my daily armour

Reflections on life in lockdown, Melbourne, October 2020

Launching Trove (luxury jewellery boxes) amidst the Melbourne lockdown, a city I love and adore, has been an emotionally charged distraction from daily reports of loss and grief. But today, for the first time, I have some bandwidth to reflect on how our city of five million people, including me, has made it through. And I realise, the importance of certain relationships has truly come to the fore.

One of these relationships, for me, is with my jewellery; it is the story of me and my life, my past, my present and future. Even during quarantine, in fact, more so during quarantine, I have reached for my jewellery, stored in my lacquer box, as my daily armour, clinging to the enjoyment and expression it allows me. My daily selection of what to wear has become an important inward journey to reflect how I am feeling …. Am I feeling strong and optimistic? Do I have self-doubt and need a boost? Or do I want to go inward to protect. Jewellery has in fact comforted me during this time. Some days I have just reached for my  regular pieces in search of  familiarity from seeing something around my neck or on my wrist that has always been there. 

I have worn it all whilst home schooling, filling orders, walking the dog. A bit silly? Perhaps. But when I ask my friends, they agree, we have all developed daily rituals one way or another.

I almost can’t remember life before lockdown and how much I valued what I wore. I am certain, the talismanic effect of certain pieces has become stronger during this incredibly difficult time and I feel closer to many of the designers I wear. They have helped me find meaning in a world with no certainty. They have helped me  take  time for myself. I have always appreciated the small stuff but even more so now.

Trove lacquer boxes are merely the support act. It’s the incredible jewellery and objects that go inside them that matter most. The boxes are the vehicle. I hope that they encourage people to enjoy their collections and feel comfort when they need it most.